A Transmaterial Body


A Transmaterial Body explores the boundaries of the self through poetic appropriation of network technology, the work consists of a mobile network created by a small linux machine, broadcasting a wireless signal creating a localized intranet wireless network. This network is battery powered and carried on Chelsea at all times during the performance. As such, the network and herself are constantly centered on and overlapping with each other. 

Users who connect to this network will find their device's web browsers redirecting them to a web page accessible to them only while on the network that prompts them to speak with Chelsea in person. Viewer’s who speak with Chelsea are then granted access to the rest of the server which contains live streamed biological data, selected texts (including source material for recreating this project), and other media. 

In this work, the prefix trans- is a tactic and gesture employed to explore and expand the boundaries of the corporeal self and to consider technological prosthesis as a potential site of artistic performance.

This work is a periodic durational performance which premiered in Berlin at the 2018 Radical Networks Conference, more information can be found here:


The work is ongoing and is being expanded with help in part from a fall 2019 toolmaker residency at Signal Culture in New York, more information can be found here:


Source code for this project can be found HERE.

Below is a video showing how viewers login to the network of the performance: